st peregrine

Saint Peregrine, or St Peregrinus of Forli, was an Italian saint and a hermit. He is often invoked against cancer, AIDS or ther life-threatening illnesses. His feast day is celebrated on May 1. Saint Peregrine was born in Forli around 1265. He spent his life as a hermit in various places in Italy, including Rome, Florence, and Assisi. In 1294 he was elected prior general of the Franciscan order but resigned after four years because he refused to take orders from someone who had been excommunicated by Pope Boniface VIII. Veritas carries a range of products, from rosary beads to books and candles of St Pelegrine. You'll find the perfect gift for any occasion, from First Communion gifts to a St. Peregrine prayer card for those suffering from cancer. Veritas also has an extensive selection of jewelry and saint medals, as well as religious cards and plaques.

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