About Us


Veritas is Ireland’s leading religious publisher and retailer. 

Veritas is a leading religious publisher and retailer in Ireland, dedicated to promoting the Catholic faith through our publications and stores. We publish more than twenty books annually, covering a range of topics including theology, scripture, prayer, spirituality, parenting, counselling, children's issues, social commentary, and liturgical resources. Our Beehive Books imprint also features a selection of non-fiction and children's titles. We are also a trusted publisher of religious education texts for primary and post-primary schools, which are widely used throughout Ireland.


Our Retail Presence and Services

In addition to our strong publishing profile, we specialise in retail and proudly present ourselves as Ireland's foremost religious retailer, stocking an extensive range of titles from worldwide leading Christian publishers, giftware, and greeting cards for all catholic occasions, Christening, Wedding, First Holy Communion,and Confirmation. Our stores are located nationwide, including Abbey Street and Blanchardstown in Dublin; Cork; Derry; Letterkenny; and Newry. We offer a wide range of religious books, Bibles, sacramental gifts, church goods, and devotional items to support the faith journey of our customers and Catholic parish communities. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and fostering a welcoming environment for all who seek to deepen their faith. Click here to view our locations.

Veritas also provides Design and Print services. As an agency of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, we are here to serve the other agencies of the Conference, the dioceses and parishes of Ireland and provide all print needs: pastorals, pamphlets, booklets, brochures, fliers, leaflets, annual reports, catalogues, prayer cards, bookmarks and business stationery. Veritas prints only in Ireland – this means that we keep all our business in Ireland, and use the best printers to do so. With such a close working relationship with all of our printers, we can ensure the most efficient turnaround at the most cost-effective prices. Veritas also ensures minimal environmental impact by publishing on paper that comes from guaranteed sustainable sources. Contact: publications@veritas.ie. Charity number for Veritas Co DAC is CHY6842.


Our Mission

Veritas mission is to support the Bishops’ Conference in its work of communicating the Christian message through our education, parish and direct-to-consumer channels, in a sustainable way that is relevant to people today.  Our business strategy remains to develop the Veritas brand in line with wider customer needs and wants, and to ensure that we remain current, needed and relevant. Our core values have not changed, but the way we deliver them and who we deliver them to is evolving.

Veritas Ireland Core Values

Our History

Veritas’ origins lie with the Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, which was founded in 1899 to publish and distribute a range of religious material to the Irish people. In 1928, Veritas branched out into retail and opened a store on Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, where it sold religious artefacts and pamphlets published by the Catholic Truth Society. The company expanded by distributing pamphlets published in England and the United States. In the 1930s and 1940s, Veritas supplied church vestments, as well as engaging in the travel business, by organising trips to Lourdes, Fatima and Knock.

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In the 1960s, the Communications Centre was founded in Booterstown by the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, under the directorship of Fr. Joe Dunn. It came about as a response to the developments in media which were changing the ways that Irish people were receiving their information. In 1969, it merged with the Catholic Truth Society to become the Catholic Communications Institute of Ireland, later being renamed Veritas Communications. Veritas Publications came into existence in 1969, its first title being Patrick in His Own Words by Bishop Joseph Duffy.


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