st anthony

St. Anthony is one of the most beloved saints in the Catholic Church, and his image is found in many churches and homes. St. Anthony of Padua, also known as Anthony of Lisbon, was a Catholic priest and friar who lived in the 12th century. He is one of the most popular saints in the Catholic Church, and is known for his powerful preaching and devotion to the poor. He is the patron saint of lost items, as well as of travelers, fishermen, and the elderly. St. Anthony was born in 1195, and joined the Augustinian canons at the age of 15. He later became a member of the Franciscan order, and quickly gained a reputation as a powerful and persuasive preacher. He preached throughout Italy, France, and Spain, and is said to have converted many people to the Catholic faith. One of the most famous legends associated with St. Anthony is that he had the ability to find lost objects. It is said that people would come to him asking him to pray for them to find lost items and he would pray and the item would be found. This is why he is known as the patron saint of lost items. St. Anthony was also known for his devotion to the poor and his work with the sick and marginalized. He established hospitals and homes for the poor, and was known for his kindness and compassion. St Anthony gifts, books and candles. Elevate your praying experience with one of our St Anthony gifts, books or candles. Shop today from Veritas.

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