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Discover the world of St Anthony, one of the most beloved saints in the Catholic Church, whose image graces countless churches and homes. St Anthony of Padua, also known as Anthony of Lisbon, lived in the 12th century as a devoted Catholic priest and friar. His powerful preaching and unwavering devotion to the poor have made him one of the most popular saints in Catholic history. As the patron saint of lost items, travelers, fishermen, and the elderly, St Anthony's intercession is sought by many in times of need. Born in 1195, St Anthony joined the Augustinian canons at a young age and later became a prominent member of the Franciscan order. His exceptional preaching talents led him to travel extensively, converting countless souls to the Catholic faith throughout Italy, France, and Spain. Legend has it that St Anthony possessed the miraculous ability to find lost objects. People would turn to him in prayer, seeking his intercession, and their lost belongings would be recovered. This extraordinary gift earned him the title of the patron saint of lost items.

Beyond his reputation for finding lost things, St Anthony was renowned for his profound compassion for the poor and marginalized. He established hospitals and shelters, dedicating his life to caring for those in need. Embrace the spirit of St Anthony with our carefully curated selection of gifts, books, and candles that pay tribute to his enduring legacy. Elevate your prayer experience with these meaningful items, each thoughtfully chosen to bring you closer to the saint's unwavering devotion. Explore the world of St Anthony today, and shop for your favorite gifts, books, and candles at Veritas. Let the powerful intercession of this beloved saint enrich your spiritual journey. Shop today from Veritas.

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