Special Educational Needs

Veritas is delighted to announce our new adapted version of Grow in Love Second Class/Primary 4 for children with Special Educational Needs. The programme has been adapted for three levels:
Book A for children with mild learning needs
Book B for children with moderate learning needs
Book C for children with severe learning needs

Each child will receive a pack with three components:
- The adapted version of the Second Class/Primary 4 Grow in Love Children’s Book for children with either mild, moderate or severe learning needs
- A Social Story book, containing a story for First Reconciliation and a story for First Communion
- An Activity Book, with activities for First Reconciliation and First Communion

Having the adapted versions of the programme will enable teachers to include children with learning needs in the Religious Education class, side by side with their mainstream friends. Since Second Class/P4 is the year when children prepare to celebrate First Reconciliation and First Communion, it is all the more important that those with special Educational Needs are able to participate in the preparation. As with all Grow in Love textbooks, the three books for children with special needs have an At Home section in every lesson, which gives parents the opportunity to engage with their children in the content they are learning at school. Watch the video about the Grown in Love SEN Programme here!

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