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To enthral to appease, monuments to eternity and emotion 
Signifying iconic enlightenment tailored with sincere devotion 
Layers of sunlight and sadness commanding 
All that is cherished and frowned upon notwithstanding 
Surveying all and sundry from its perch of hallowed redemption 
Cajoling and extolling the virtues of narrow exemption

Antóin Ó Lochraigh


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The narrative that is Old Dublin cannot be told without due veneration to its many places of worship, its many churches, and imposing cathedrals. Within these august structures lie the associated tragedies and triumphs of generations of its disciples’. From the stonemasons and ecclesiastical to the generations of its parishioners and beyond; antiquity beckons and creativity lures. One is compelled to admire and reflect. The mundane is beautiful because of its history; the beautiful is beyond aesthetic because of its sheer presence. Names are codified to bring familiarity, principled people and unprincipled devotion. The architects of grandeur and ordinariness are everywhere to be seen.



Wednesday 16th of October

Wednesday 30th of October

Wednesday 13th November

Wednesday 27th of November

Wednesday 11th of December (special Christmas)


1. Christ Church Cathedral

2. St.Audeon's Catholic Church

3. St.Audeons Protestant Church (inside)

4. St.Augustine's ( John's Lane Church)

5. St.Catherine's Church

6. St.Nicholas of Myra

7. St.Patrick's Cathedral (outside only)

8. St.Werburgh's Church

(The tour lasts approximately 2:30 hours, with a break for refreshment)



Your Tour Guide


Antóin, Your Tour Guide

My name is Antoin and I have been working as a Tour Guide for several years. Currently I provide tours of Viking and Medieval Dublin, Georgian Dublin, Dublin in Rebellion and of course Churches and Cathedrals of Old Dublin. I also do half days tours of the city. Tailteann Tours is delighted to be involved in this joint venture with Veritas in providing a Guided Tour of some of the beautiful Churches and Cathedrals of Dublin. To that end can we invite you to look at a brief overview of our tour and look forward to sharing some of the interesting details of these beautiful buildings with you.

Educational Background

I conduct my tours primarily in English. However, I also speak Dutch to intermediate level and give translations in Irish were appropriate on my tours. I am a student of history and politics having studied and obtained a BA in International Relations. In addition, I have certification as a trained Tour Guide and have also obtained the National Guide Badge.

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