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Wisdom at the Crossroads: Life & Thought of Michael Paul Gallagher

by Thomas Casey
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Wisdom at the Crossroads is an introduction to the life and thought of the gifted Jesuit priest, theologian, author and educator, Michael Paul Gallagher SJ (1939-2015). It follows his journey from the simplicity of an Irish rural childhood to the more complex world he soon encountered. That changing world prompted him to think deeply about the question of faith in our times, the effects of a shifting culture on our perceptions, and the challenge of unbelief and atheism as it manifests itself today. The book illuminates Michael Paul s rare gift both in personal conversation and in the written word of helping people to move from a detached consideration of faith to an awareness of what was deepest in their own hearts, for it was from that hidden layer of wonder that he believed the journey of faith could unfold. Being attuned to the depths in his own heart, he was able to identify the liberating wavelength in the lives of others and in the culture of our time, awakening many people to a vision that healed them into hope.