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Whiddin to the Gauras

by Eleanor Gormally
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This book is the result of a partnership research initiative between Limerick Travellers Development Group and Mary Immaculate College, Limerick in which four Traveller women were trained to conduct a qualitative educational study with Traveller children. Through a series of one-to-one interviews, a small group of primary school Traveller children were invited to chat about home and school. The Traveller childrens experience of school was a particular focus of the study.

In Part One the Traveller researchers talk about their experience of participating in this unique project. Part Two covers the setting up of the research programme, the development of the process and a description of the study. Finally Part Three presents the research data, followed by an interpretative commentary and offers a series of recommendations.

What is outlined in this report represents a small but significant beginning in the training of a group of local Traveller researchers. It is hoped that in making the limitations and successes of the process available to a public audience, other Traveller Community Development groups may be encouraged to engage with similar educational research endeavours.