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We Live Inside a Story

by Megan McKenna
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Unpeel the layers of your spiritual life… In the realm of the Spirit, and when dealing with our own souls and the souls of others, we are often at a loss for words. We have a sense, maybe even an image, of what we want to share, ask or communicate, but words are harder to find and express. Stories are the glue that holds us together in whatever groups we belong to, even if we only visit or find ourselves on the margins. In a sense, our god is a story being told and god is seeking for all of us to listen, to enter into the story and become one. Megan Mckenna uses images of Russian nesting dolls to illustrate the many layers of the stories that exist in each of our lives, particularly in relation to the Spirit. Stories are critical to living and are intertwined with truth in such a way that we can carry them with us, remember them and pass them along, sharing them as needed. We live inside a story. We live inside God.