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Through Streets Broad and Narrow: Voices of Dublin

by Dr Declan Collinge
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About the book:
Through Streets Broad and Narrow: Voices of Dublin is an evocative literary journey through this ancient and storied city. Bursting with songs, prose and verse from Dublin’s sons and daughters, as well as tales of its famed local characters, it encapsulates the city’s rich history and spotlights its bright future.

By turns joyful and rife with sadness, peaceful and overcome by violence, sombre and jocular, the hallowed city is brought to life through the voices that have described and shaped it, and those that continue to do so.

About the author:
Dr Declan Collinge
is a bilingual poet and essayist, former secondary teacher and literature lecturer. He writes regular columns in the Irish Times and has written columns in the Sunday Independent and Sunday Times.