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These Might Help

by Joe Cassidy
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The Most important thing to be said about the homilies in this collection is that they come from a practitioners pen. They have everyday credentials. Because the author has been a preacher himself for over forty years, he has personal experience of the interaction needed between preacher and congregation.

The homilies he offers to us in the light of that experience have a variety of strengths. They are rooted in scripture but related to life. They show an instinctive understanding of where people are at. The style in which they are written is easy and often humourous and is warmly enriched with anecdotes and reminiscences.

If a basic challenge for the homily is to get people to listen, then rarely, if ever, do these homilies fail. For all these reasons, the Might in These Might Help has to become a must. These homilies are bound to be a help to preacher and reader alike.