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Author: Natale Salvardi

Natale Salvardi

Award-winning firm Natale Salvardi was born in 1802, in a little workshop behind the big S. Petronius’s Church, in the middle of Bologna city centre.

Specialized in Religious Articles from the very beginning, we have produced and patented the first ever Mass Celebration Kit. A small leather bag with all necessary items to celebrate a mass. A great idea to bring your religious life in everyday lives which becomes the essence of Salvardi: a symbol of impeccable italian hand-craft, tradition of authenticity, usefull practicality and good value.

We are proud to bring the Made in Italy quality to your parish from the experts in handmade Church products. 


  • The welding of Natale Salvardi products are carried out with a torch and wire 'silver.
  • The cleaning process of the articles is performed manually.
  • Items are "Hand Painted" to keep alive the craftsmanship that has always characterized this Italian company.

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