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The Way on the Franciscans: A Prayer Journey Through Lent

by Fr Daniel P. Horan, OFM
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Whereas some religious traditions within Christianity offer a singular approach or spiritual focus, the Franciscan tradition is wonderfully diverse and manifold.

The Way of the Franciscans is a lovely Lent book for 2022 that offers a practical introduction to Franciscan spirituality, and the many distinctive and dynamic approaches to prayer, contemplation and action found within it.

Split into six chapters, with each focusing on a key Franciscan spiritual master and their way of prayer, The Way of the Franciscans is the perfect guide to help you prepare for Easter and deepen your spirituality throughout Lent. As well as exploring the history of the different Franciscan spiritual traditions and how they are united in their focus on living according to the Gospels, it offers practical, applicable guidance for making Franciscan spirituality part of your everyday prayer life.

The Way of the Franciscans is an ideal Lent devotional for 2022 for anyone wanting to increase their understanding of Franciscan spirituality, or for anyone looking for new ways to revitalise their prayer life during Lent.

Suitable for reading individually or using as a small group, this is a Lent book that will leave you with a new appreciation of the relevance of the Franciscan spiritual tradition and forms of prayer for Christians today, and equip you with practices for becoming part of this ever-growing tradition.