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The Visit of a Saint

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In autumn 1979, two and a half million people gathered across Ireland to welcome Pope John Paul II on his historic visit to this island. It was the first time a pope had ever visited the country and one of the most culturally significant events in the history of modern Ireland. To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of this momentous occasion, Veritas is delighted to publish an illustrated commemorative volume containing the wise and inspiring words the Pope shared on that trip.
In his homilies and addresses, Pope John Paul II reaches out to politicians and journalists, clergy, religious and all Irish citizens with a call to faith, forgiveness, peace and justice. His clear-sighted, unequivocal stance on the Troubles in Northern Ireland and his deep affection for the country’s young people were but two of the reasons his visit impacted so many.
As relevant today as it was forty years ago, this collection serves as a great testament to the warmth, compassion and esteem this great pope, and now saint, held for the Irish people.

‘I came here to proclaim peace and love, to speak to you about the Son of God made man, about your life in Christ. Yes, as successor of the Apostle Peter, I came to confirm my brethren in the faith, and to ask all Ireland to lift up its heart to a new vision of hope.’
Pope John Paul II

‘Only those who lived through that unforgettable weekend can fully understand its impact. They can never hope to recapture in full its elusive atmosphere or spiritual joy and serenity, but this book will make its most precious moments come alive again. It will also convey much of the spirit of this unique event in Irish history to those who were unable to be present. Its pictures recapture the colour and exuberance of the occasion, while its text reproduces faithfully all the Holy Father’s homilies and addresses in Ireland.’
Cardinal Ó Fiaich