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The Self-Care Squad Journal

by Amy Claire
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About the Book:
Colourful and easy-to-use, The Self-Care Squad Journal fosters self-care, mindfulness, empowerment, body pride, resilience and self-awareness in young people, encouraging them to be open-minded, compassionate and mindful of their uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

In a world of constant escapism, this journal encourages young people to use their talents and skills to discover who they really are beyond external distractions and to believe in themselves. The journal will bring more balance and clarity to the reader’s life through awareness, mindfulness, self-exploration and self-care.

Employing techniques such as mindfulness, gratitude journaling, goal-setting maps, art therapy and affirmations, The Self-Care Squad Journal gives the user their own personal space to gently increase awareness of their thoughts and beliefs, to explore their feelings and to learn how to keep their mind healthy by feeding it with good thoughts.

About the Book:
Amy Claire
is a career and mindset coach at The Coaching Programme. She has a BA in industrial design and business, and a diploma in executive coaching and stress management. Amy is the author of The 3-Minute Gratitude Journal, Coaching through Covid and Beyond, and The Ultimate Coaches Companion Toolkit.