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The New Fight for Life

by Benjamin Watson
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The battle over the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade may be over, but now a bigger fight lies ahead.

For over half a century, pro-life advocates have fought to protect the sanctity of human life. Now that the decision the pro-life community has been waiting and praying for has finally become a reality, a question remains: Now what? How do we continue to stand for life for everyone who bears the image of God-from womb to tomb? And if abortion disproportionately impacts the poor and the marginalized, specifically Black Americans, why should we seize this new opportunity to make right what has gone terribly wrong?

Benjamin Watson, author of Under Our Skin and a former NFL player who now serves as VP of strategic relationships with Human Coalition, a pro-life organization based in Dallas, wants to galvanize the church and the pro-life movement in this new era. In The New Fight for Life, Watson

leads us into a new understanding of pro-life advocacy, shows how we can move past political debate and culture wars, and
envisions a new path forward that promotes life by committing to human flourishing and holistic justice.

We can create a culture where abortion is both unthinkable and unnecessary. How? By relentlessly pursuing a more just world-for everyone.