PRODUCT CODE: 9780745979298 First Holy Communion

The Lion Wondrous Bible Gift Edition

by Deborah Lock
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A perfect gift for a special occasion including a child's birthday, baptism, and first communion.

An accessible, classic retelling of a wide range of Old and New Testament Bible stories, staying close to the Bible text. Covers many of the books in the Bible to provide a complete story of the wonder, hope and joy of God's good news. Share the life journeys of those who followed and encounter God in the Bible, a story of a chosen nation, promises fulfilled, the life and teaching of Jesus, the spreading of the good news as early churches became established and the coming of the new kingdom.

Includes more than 120 stories with Bible references and an index of people's names. Accompanied by powerful dramatic illustrations by Alida Massari, these timeless stories can be enjoyed by children reading alone or with the help of an adult.

Illustrated by Alida Massari , Retold by Deborah Lock