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The Life of Jesus Seek and Find

by Geert de Sutter
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Have you ever wished you could go back in time and see for youself all the wondreous things that Jesus did? With Sarah and Simon you can!

In this first book in the new "Seek and Find Sarah and Simon"; series, children will look for Sarah and Simon, a girl and a boy like them, and other characters with them as they witness twelve important events in the life of Jesus.

A fun and interactive way to go back in time to see in great and colorful detail the amazing things that Jesus did!

Thee twelve important events in the life of Jesus that the children witness are:

The birth of Jesus
The visit of the Magi
The Holy Family in Nazareth
The Baptism of Jesus
The Miraculous Cath of Fish
The miracle at the Wedding in Cana
Jesus cures the sick
Jesus feeds the thousands
The entry into Jerusalem
The death of Jesus
The Resurrection
The Ascension

Reading Age:5-10 Years