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The Big Fellow: Michael Collins and The Irish Revolution

by Frank O'Connor
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About the Book:
Popular biography of Michael Collins, written by a renowned Irish author, with a new introduction by filmmaker Neil Jordan. It is an uncompromising but humane study of Collins, whose stature and genius O'Connor recognised. A masterly, evocative portrait of one of Ireland s most charismatic figures, 'The Big Fellow' covers the period of Collins' life from the Easter Rising in 1916 to his death in 1922 during the Irish Civil War. The author, having served with the Anti-Treaty IRA during the Irish Civil War, wrote 'The Big Fellow' as a form of reparation over the guilt he felt with regards to taking up arms against his fellow Irishmen and Collins' untimely death. Liam Neeson has said that he found the book of great assistance when preparing for the role of Collins in the 1996 film directed by Neil Jordan.

About the Author
Frank O'Connor (1903-66)
grew up in Cork city and fought in the Irish War of Independence and in the Civil War on the anti-Treaty side. He was the author of 150 works and is best known for his short story collections and memoirs. He also worked as a teacher, lecturer and translator. The Frank O'Connor short story festival has been run in his home town since 2000. His story 'Guests of the Nation' was the inspiration for Neil Jordan's film 'The Crying Game'.