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The Audacity of Spirit

by Jack Finnegan
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This book is an exploration of contemporary spirituality. It is alert to the fact that spirituality is about many things. It is about the sublime and the deep, and the inward and the outward turn. It recognises that to become truly human means searching for and choosing the uniquely true self. It suggests that the future of Christian spirituality lies in the rediscovery of human existence as real, as that real existence really unfolds before God in the audacity that is the gift of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. ""The book flows smoothly. . . It is relevant to where we human being live and how we yearn for greater goodness in and around and beyond our individual selves."" Review for Religious ""This is a profound book. Father Finnegan's discussion of spirituality and theology should be a must-read for all those involved with spiritual direction."" Catholic Library World