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Stolen Moments

by John Quinn
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About the Book
Our lives, it may be argued, are but a collection of moments, ranging from the significant to the trivial, from the bright to the dark, from the heartening to the heartbreaking. These moments are often fleeting but it can be rewarding to catch them, hold them and ponder them. Reflecting on them will trigger a variety of emotions that will help give meaning to our lives.

Following the success of his collection Moments (2011), John Quinn has assembled this second volume, Stolen Moments. The moments collected range from major – the loss of a loved one – to minor – the nuisance of dandelions – and in between embrace an unlikely variety of ‘triggers’ – a spider’s web, the lost art of whistling, a chance remark, a page from a diary, a honeymoon bill. They can all help to nurture and heal, to console and delight. Each retains, in the words of William Wordsworth, a virtue ‘whence … our minds are nourished and invisibly repaired’. Stolen Moments offers its readers a deep well of nourishment and repair.

About the Author
John Quinn
is a former RTÉ broadcaster who has published several titles with Veritas, including Walking on the Pastures of Wonder, A Little Book of Ledwidge and, most recently, Daily Wisdom (Léann an Lae): Irish Proverbs and Sayings for Each Day of the Year (2020), A Book of Beginnings (2019) and Gratias: A Little Book of Gratitude (2018)