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Stepping Stones: More Daily Meditations for Men

by Anonymous
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In the spiritual successor to the best-selling Touchstones, the author continues to explore masculinity and sobriety. Now well beyond recovery's trailhead, we confront life itself: it isn't merely abstinence and coping skills, it's a triumph. Stepping Stones guides your self-help discovery along its next steps, ensuring your recovery finds inspiration, meaning, and brilliance. For many of us, sobriety began uncomfortably. Treatment and counselling unearthed addiction's thumbprint - substance use, anger, resentments, and behavioural patterns around sex and intimacy - as well as challenged perspectives about religion and spirituality. As addictive behaviours and mind-sets gave way to both mental health and physical wellness, our new sense of self emerged, and our family and friends supported our continuing transformation. This self-help meditation book is designed for men to keep moving forward in recovery. Recovery is well-earned, but life never slowsnor should it. Stepping Stones advances a persons recovery so that it emerges as a comfortable journey that stays in stride with a persons overall life and experiences. It offers insight into the many masculine roles men undertakefather and son, friend and loverand provides actionable meditations for leading a full life. Life isnt about recovery; recovery is about life.