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by Orla Walsh
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Searching is a short textbook written for transition-year students or Senior Cycle students who are studying the Senior Cycle Framework Curriculum.

This textbook aims to explore the experience of suffering, pain and death. If we share in someone else's journey, it can often helps us to understand our own journey.

Searching begins by inviting students to work with three different life journeys. To explore these journeys, students will refer to a book, 'Tuesdays with Morrie', a film, 'Shadowlands' and engage with Sacred Scripture and?? The Book of Job.

Having worked with the text on each of these life journeys, the student is then invited to look at their own journey and engage fully in their own search for meaning. This text was written in the hope that students would take the chance to explore their faith in greater detail and be helped in their own journey by what they find.