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Revelations of Love

by Julian of Norwich
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Revelations of Divine Love, the first book ever written in English by a woman, is dense, deeply intuitive, and theologically complex. The last thirty years have seen several translations, some academic, others literal, but none quite like this one which capture's Julian's deepest meanings and liberates her inspired insights.

"This elegant translation of a wonderful spiritual classic makes Julian of Norwich beautifully accessible to the modern reader. And that is almost the pearl without price." - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

About the Author and Translator:
Julian of Norwich (1342-ca.1416)
was an English recluse who recounted the poignant, subtle, and radical insights granted to her in sixteen visions of the crucified Christ as she lay on what was believed to be her deathbed. Her miraculous recovery from that illness led to twenty more years of reflection and contemplation and finally to her writing this detailed account of her mystical experience.

Father John-Julian, OJN, is an Episcopal priest and monk. He has been an actor, a professor (University of Rhode Island and Hampshire College), a parish priest (Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Connecticut), a TV commentator, a camp director, a bookseller, the Dean of a seminary (Seminary of the Streets in New York), a contemplative monk, a director of Social Worker training (Social Service Institute in Connecticut), an organizational consultant, an author of fifteen books, a founder of a religious order (the contemplative, semi-enclosed monastic Order of Julian of Norwich in Wisconsin which incorporates both monks and nuns with equal status under the same traditional vows), a waiter, a human relations trainer, a carpenter, a founder of a theater, a psychotherapist, a spiritual director, a hermit, a builder of three churches, an anti-war activist, a member of NAACP-all of this perfect background for a contemplative! Fr. John-Julian has tasted virtually everything the world has to offer and, finally, has chosen to live a life directly contrary to all that, a life constituted of the silence and solitude of contemplative monasticism. He has studied Julian of Norwich each day for over a quarter century.