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Rest + Calm Gentle Yoga and Mindful Practices

by Paula Hines
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A beautiful, practical guide to finding rest and calm - even when it feels impossible The ideal gift to yourself - or for anyone who needs to feel less stressed - Viv Groskop Are you tired and wired? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Here's a radical idea: You deserve rest. In a world that often wants us to keep going no matter what, Rest + Calm is your gentle, nurturing and accessible guide to making space and time to come back home to yourself.

Give yourself permission to pause - even if it's only for three breaths, five minutes, or half an hour - and reap the rewards in better sleep, reduced stress, improved mood and greater resilience.

The book is divided into two parts: REST - simple, profound, nourishing restorative yoga poses and sequences; and CALM - practical tips and techniques for intentional living day-to-day, and emotional rescue for when it feels like you have no time. From the most restorative savasana you've ever experienced, to the benefits of walking on freshly mown grass, there is something here for even the busiest and stressed amongst us, and for all levels of yoga ability.

Think of this book as your 'rest toolkit', to dip into whenever you need it. Rest + Calm is designed to be the nurturing friend - and the supportive hug - we all need.