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Reimagining Religion A Jesuit Vision

by Jim Maher SJ
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About the Book
Biblical wisdom reminds us that we do not exist in splendid isolation, but that a very condition of our existence is our relationship with others, with our planet and with God. If we are unaware that we are in a relationship of stewardship with the planet, we will continue to destroy it. If we forget that we are in solidarity with others, social injustice will continue. If we forget that we are living in graced dependence we will exploit others.

This book attempts to highlight the value of spirituality and religion and how they complement one another. It discusses the four Jesuit priorities as the way to redress the implosion of our world and in reimagining Christianity in a modern guise.

The Jesuit priorities urge us to be reflective, paying attention to our experience of life and learning from it. They stress the urgency of social and climate justice. They challenge us to promote a hope-filled world for our children. There is an urgency in the air that the four Jesuit priorities address.

About the Author
Jim Maher SJ
was born in Limerick. He has spent most of his Jesuit life ministering at Crescent College Comprehensive SJ as a teacher of English and R.E. He managed the 5th Year Social Outreach Programme and led 6th Year pilgrimage retreats. He continues to provide pastoral support at Crescent College Comprehensive.