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Recognitions of Qualifications to Teach Catholic

by Council for Catechetics of IEC
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The Catholic Preschool and Primary Religious Education Curriculum for Ireland (Veritas, 2015) reflects the provisions of the Irish Constitution, especially Articles 42 and 44, as well as the 1998 Education Act.

The Religious Education programme in a Catholic primary school will be taught in accordance with the characteristic spirit or ethos of the school. Catholic Religious Education nurtures the faith of Catholic children and is grounded in the person of Jesus Christ, in scripture and in the teaching of the Catholic Church (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 5). It aims to initiate children into the fullness of Christian life and to enable them to flourish as human beings.
It always reflects the freedom of the individual and the primacy of conscience. Catholic Religious Education explicitly supports and supplements other programmes in the primary school curriculum such as RSE and the Intercultural Guidelines (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, Irish National Teachers’ Organisation, Department of Education and Skills). The Catholic Preschool and Primary Religious Education Curriculum for Ireland complements other curricular areas such as Language and Literacy, SESE (History, Geography, Science), Arts Education (Visual Arts, Music and Drama) and SPHE.

Catholic Religious Education also seeks to acquaint students with the inclusive, ecumenical and interreligious perspectives of the Second Vatican Council.