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Rainbows and Windmills 21st Century Spirituality

by Peter Tarleton Stewart
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About the Book:
Written as a challenge to Christian churches’ rigid focus on doctrine and practice, Rainbows & Windmills offers an introduction to personal spirituality. Framed through Peter Tarleton Stewart’s personal childhood experiences, he advises how to strengthen faith in the 21st century.

The author expresses the importance of church institutions unburdening themselves of out-of-date and unsubstantiated material. Only then can they offer a ‘pilgrim’ model of spirituality to those who have persisted in membership despite the misleading and unscientific positions taken by leaders in recent decades.

About the Author:
Peter Tarleton Stewart
has acted as chaplain in a university, schools, prisons and hospitals. He also has worked as a parish clergyman in Cork, Dublin, Cootehill, Killeshin and Portlaise, retiring in 2020 after 46 years as an Anglican priest. He has always been actively interested in politics, recognising how it often serves the interests of the few to the exclusion of the most vulnerable. As a Christian he sees the world as a place in which to be actively involved. He has called on the church to be bold in its service to humanity, and respectful in its care of the Earth.