PRODUCT CODE: 9781781998519 Pope Francis

Pope Francis (children's book)

by Brian Doyle
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Pope Francis was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He always loved life and had a huge passion for soccer - and dancing the tango! But he also had a great love for the poor and the homeless. So he decided to become a priest and make helping others the focus of his life. He worked so hard he was finally elected Pope, the leader of millions of Catholics all over the world.

Pope Francis is a humble man at heart who chooses to live, not in the splendid Apostolic Palace, but an apartment in the Vatican guesthouse. He wears a plain white costume rather than rich robes. He is also a brave man who travels in an open-air 'popemobile' instead of one enclosed in bulletproof glass, because he wants to be closer to people along the way. He travels the world, meeting poor and rich people, reminding them to love each other, to love God and enjoy our world. And he is still passionate about soccer!