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Picking up The Shards

by Bishop Donal Murray
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About the book:
In Picking up the Shards, Donal Murray reflects on what complete secularisation means for a society detached from Gospel values, explaining how the message of Jesus and the mission of the Church have rebuilt and renewed what seemed lost and can do so again.

Picking up the Shards offers a thoughtful and sobering analysis of our modern, ‘post-truth’ society and highlights the various areas we need to revisit and rebuild, from social media and ‘uniformity of thought’ to the growing need to care for our planet, to our individualist, consumerist economy and the isolation it breeds.
Donal Murray considers each of these subjects in light of Pope Francis’ teachings, setting forth alternative viewpoints on how we can all contribute to the rebuilding of a fairer, more just society, and offering hope for a brighter future.

About the Author:
Bishop Donal Murray
lectured in moral theology in Mater Dei Institute and in Holy Cross College from 1969–82. He was auxiliary bishop of Dublin from 1982-96 and bishop of Limerick until 2009. He is now retired. His books for Veritas include: In A Landscape Redrawn; Morality, Conscience and Health Care; and Where the Heart Is.