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Peace Apart Lasting Impressions of C.S. Lewis

by Bishop Fintan Monahan
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About the Book
Peace Apart: Lasting Impressions of C.S. Lewis is a wonderful introduction to or reacquaintance with this outstanding literary and spiritual figure. Bishop Fintan Monahan gently guides us through the life and work of C.S. Lewis, from his childhood in Northern Ireland and his experiences of loss and war at a young age to his years as an academic in Oxford, his time spent with the Inklings and his career as a world-renowned author, touching on all the magic, imagination, loves, losses and great friendships along the way.

In a unique and accessible way, the author explores Lewis’ faith journey and its twists and turns, through which he was transformed from a young man of lost faith to a man of deep faith and an apologist. He also explains why Lewis’ writings, both fiction and spiritual, continue to resonate and inspire today.

About the Author
Fintan Monahan is bishop of Killaloe, based in Ennis, Co. Clare. This is the third book in his series on people whose lives and literary works have inspired him. The other books in the series are A Perfect Peace: Newman, Saint for Our Time (2019) and Peace Smiles: Rediscovering Thomas Merton (2020).