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Our Lord’s Prayer A Prayer Guide for Children

by Elizabeth Mills
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About the book:
This informative and enlightening prayer guide for children offers a fresh perspective on the familiar words of Our Lord’s Prayer. Through clear and simple language, it leads children to consider what God is saying to us through each line of the prayer and what that means for us in our daily lives. It encourages an imaginative and open-hearted approach to faith that will support children in their future faith development.

This little book could be used in children’s liturgy or when praying together quietly at home. Throughout the book, there is a clear message of love and reassurance that could speak to a child of any age.

About the Author:
Elizabeth Mills is a qualified primary school teacher and has worked as a chaplain in different settings. She is an advocate of contemplative prayer and leads quiet days and times of reflection and prayer, including Taizé worship, and has written a number of books on the subject, including In the Stillness (2018).