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Only If God Says So!

by Karen Black Mercer
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The writing of this compelling memoir began on one-ply toilet paper in a dark corner of a jail cell in 1989. We were about to walk into Satan's camp. As the rescuers in our ranks moved across the wide street toward the clinic, we instinctively reached out to join hands, and reassured each other that the Lord was with us.

At the risk of being beaten and jailed, Karen Black Mercer takes yet another step toward becoming a lifelong champion for women and babies. Moved by a God-given certainty that she is meant to increase her involvement, she places herself between expectant women and abortionists, determined to save lives. As Karen's persistent stand for righteousness results in numerous imprisonments and death threats, her battle cry becomes, "Only if God says so!"

Arrested twenty-four times and written up sixty-three times for injunction violations, Karen has penned a true story of a once-timid, easily frightened woman's call to march into the physical and spiritual battle against abortion. She presents an unflinching firsthand account of one of our country's darkest realities. Through it all, the Lord's great love, power, and faithfulness are clearly demonstrated in Karen's life. She hopes to encourage her readers to believe that what He has done for her, He can do for them.