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On the Way to the Wedding

by Elizabeth Hughes
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Planning for a wedding requires careful organisation and effort. It is easy for the couple to be so caught up in the practical details of the reception and invitations that they lose sight of the most important element of the big day - the ceremony itself.

In On the Way To The Wedding Elizabeth Hughes provides information and details of options available as you design a service to suit your particular needs.

The book offers the long and short form of the marriage ceremony in the Roman Catholic, Church of England, Church of Ireland and Methodist traditions. There are sixteen sample marriage ceremonies, which can be adapted for any form of service.
They explore such themes as fidelity, maturity, trust and commitment through prayer and Scripture. Readings and poems are provided to help you make your paritcular wedding day memorable. On the Way To The Wedding also includes services prepared for couples to mark a significant anniversary, making this the ideal book for those celebrating their married life as well as those planning their wedding day.