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Nothing is Impossible with God

by Holy Spirit
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God honored the prayers of Kathryn Kuhlman. "Take not your Spirit away from me. I am worthless when the flesh gets in the way. God, I won’t move without You!" As a result of her prayers, people were saved, restored and healed.

By the hundreds they would come. "Stand and accept your healing. Come forward and tell us what God has done," she would cry out. Looking at children, adults and ministers of all denominations with eyes full of compassion, she would say, "You’re hungry for God." As she touched them they would fall under His powers.

God is a specialist when it comes to the impossible. Captain LeVrier was healed of cancer. Marguerite Bergeron’s crippling, painful arthritis vanished. Donnie Greenway walked out of his wheelchair. Truly, nothing is impossible with God.

Through this book, you will experience the explosive power and excitement of the miracle services, and you will find hope to meet your needs! God is a specialist when it comes to the impossible, and He is able to do anything but fail!