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Modern Culture And Well Being Towards a Sustainabl

by Catherine Conlon
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About the book:
Modern Culture and Well-Being: Towards A Sustainable Future brings together Irish leaders in public health, medicine, politics and environment to discuss sustainable living and to examine the issues within modern culture that make obesity, addiction and mental ill- health so prevalent – all at a time of unprecedented threat from climate change.

A timely and thought-provoking book, it considers what can be done at a personal, national and global level to meet the challenges that confront us in a rapidly changing, unstable and unpredictable world. With chapters on mental well-being, diet and exercise, addiction, global issues of sustainability and more, the book charts a map to take us to a more altruistic, connected and balanced society.

About the editor:
Dr Catherine Conlon
is Director of Health and Nutrition at Safefood, the all-island organisation that provides advice in food safety, healthy eating and food hygiene for consumers. Her previous books include Sonas: Celtic Thoughts and Happiness (Hachette, 2009) and Saol: Thoughts from Ireland on Life and Living (Collins Press, 2014).