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Merciful Like The Father

by Mary McCaughey
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Merciful like the Father is a collection of articles from members of the Theological Committee of the Irish Episcopal Conference. Inspired by the Year of Mercy and the teaching of Pope Francis, this collection explores the theme of mercy in its multifaceted theological and spiritual aspects.

Part One: Mercy in the Scriptures and in Theological Tradition explores mercy through the Hebrew texts, the Gospels and the work of St Thomas Aquinas.

Part Two: Mercy and the Church reminds us that we are invited to transform our lives through an encounter with the merciful face of the Father in Jesus Christ, particularly through the sacraments. This encounter calls us to be missionaries of mercy, to join the ministry of reconciliation, bringing the lost back to the Father of Mercy.

Part Three: Mercy and the Christian Calling contemplates mercy as the foundation of our Christian calling and provides a road map for putting the Father’s mercy into practice and using it as a vision for Christian living. In a world increasingly shaped by technology, where there is little room for compassion and forgiveness, the light of God’s mercy revealed in Christ is vital to preserve humanity.