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Managing with Heart: Studying Community and Volunt

by Joe McCann
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In 2006, over 4,000 Irish community and voluntary groups responded to a Trinity College survey of the sector. They described themselves as community or voluntary or non-profit organisations, as well as charities and non-governmental organisations. They worked in fields such as education, recreation, economic, social and community development as well as various artistic, social and environmental pursuits..

Since 2002, All Hallows, a College of Dublin City University, located in the heart of Dublins North Side, has offered a unique post-graduate programme for Management in the Community and Voluntary Sector. Students of that programme have examined the issues that arise when the skills and techniques of management , largely developed for businesses with a profit motive , are applied to questions of value and belief, ideal and spirit, service and mission, advocacy and moral principle.

The articles in this book cover a wide area of activities, including education and training, food distribution, publishing, chaplaincy in shopping centres, youth work, poverty alleviation, and perennial management concerns such as decision-making, collaboration and liaison between organisations, spirit and ethos within organisations, strategic planning and motivational leadership.