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Living the Mystery

by Mark Patrick Hederman
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Life is a mystery quite beyond the comprehension of our normal ways of understanding. Having lived as a Benedictine monk for over fifty years, Mark Patrick Hederman has learned how to engage with mystery. In this book he sets out to explain how to bring a new sense of the sacred into your life. Despite clamorous reports to the contrary, he argues that religion is alive and well in our world. Those who say that it is dying or dead, that secularisation has taken over, are imposing their own dogmas on an unsuspecting and gullible public. In this fascinating book he contends that most of us are religious and can t help being religious. Being human means being religious , otherwise we would die of despair. The idea that science and religion are opposing forces is false, but he maintains that the arts are the only way we can convey the sacred to today s disbelieving world. A mytho-poetic language could provide a middle voice, a third language that bridges that gap between science and religion in our society.