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Listen with the Ear of the Heart

by Noirin Ni Riain
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From one of Irelands most respected singers comes her story of a lifetimes joys and pains, the shaping of her relationship with God and the most personal thing to her: her voice. Woven into this narrative are beautiful, moving insights on living the spiritual life.

In 2003, Nóirin completed a ground-breaking doctorate on a theology of listening for which she coined the word Theosony , from the Greek Theos (God) and the Latin sonas (sounding). Following the completion of this study, Nóirin found that the story behind it was one that needed to be told and shared.

This book is an attempt to answer the questions of what the history behind the text was and how she came to this awareness of Theosony, the Sound of God. Thus this book becomes a wedding of the I and the ear.

Listen with the Ear of the Heart promises new perspectives on hearing and listening, as well as letting the reader into the personal and aural life of a beloved Irish singer.