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Let the Spirit Lead

by Merlin Robert Carothers
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Let the Spirit Lead, a revised version of Maturing in the Spirit (1991) is an informative insider’s description of the spirituality, methods and ideals of the one of the fastest-growing religious movements in the history of the Church. It explains what ‘charismatics’ mean by such things as baptism in the Spirit, praying in tongues, the gifts of the Spirit, exorcism, ‘slaying in the Spirit’, and the like. It also provides practical, well-tested guidelines on how:
To run a prayer group
To lead a prayer meeting
To conduct Life in the Spirit seminars
To pray for physical and emotional healing
To engage in intercessory prayer
Let the Spirit Lead is a practical handbook, designed for use mainly by the leaders and members of charismatic prayer groups in Ireland and Britain. It provides it’s readers with a fascinating and inspiring insight into what Sts Paul VI and John Paul II referred to as ‘a chance for the Church and the world’.

About the Author
Fr. Pat Collins, C.M., has been a member of the Charismatic Renewal since 1974. Over the years he has been in leadership in the North and South of Ireland, spoken at conferences at home and abroad, written hundreds of articles and a number of books on charismatic topics such as, Expectant Faith (1998); The Gifts if the Spirit & the New Evangelisation (2009); Guided by God: Ordinary and Charismatic ways if Discovering God’s will (2017); Prophecy: Truth for today Light for Tomorrow (2018); and countdown to Doomsday: Apocalyptic Prophecy (2020).