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Lead Like a Monk

by Anselm Grun
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Internationally bestselling author and German monk Anselm Grün presents ancient wisdom for leadership today.

Leadership is not about power, status, and titles. According to the Rule of St. Benedict, true leadership is about awakening creativity in others and building an environment of trust and respect. It’s less about maximizing profits and more about finding meaning.

Radical in its time, this 6th century rule offers an approach to leadership that is clear and refreshing in its simplicity. Benedict is primarily concerned with the characteristics of a leader, and how such a person needs to work on himself in order to be able to lead at all. To Benedict, leading through personality is more important than any methods and strategies.

In this insightful book, Benedictine monk and internationally bestselling author Anselm Grün offers practical wisdom on all aspects of leadership, including:
· The Qualities of a Leader
· Benedict’s View of Human Nature
· Leadership as Service
· Awakening Creativity
· Management of Material Possessions
· Respecting Boundaries
· Thinking from the heart
· Avoiding workaholism

Benedict’s rule does not moralize or preach. It shows how economic function and economic security for a large number of people can be combined with respecting creation and the human beings around us. Leadership is an art, full of challenges but also deeply satisfying.

Whether you lead a business, a family, a non-profit, or a church group, this book will help you discover the joy of leadership and create a sanctuary where a group of people mobilize their spiritual resources, ask relevant questions, love, trust, and respect one another.

“For those who believe monks have nothing to teach us about life outside a cloister, this wonderful and insightful book is a gentle admonition to think again. Although they have endured for over a thousand years, monasteries do not run themselves. Like any other common human endeavor, they thrive under good shepherds and wither under bad ones. In this book, Anselm Grün harnesses the wisdom of centuries of experience, distills the essence of effective monastic leadership, and translates it into common-sense concepts and practical principles us non-monks can readily apply in our own various communities.” —

About the Author:
Anselm Grün,
OSB is a German Benedictine monk, Cellerar of Münsterschwarzach Abbey. He teaches courses and lectures, offers spiritual direction, and is author of approximately 300 books focusing on spirituality, which have sold more than 15 million copies in 30 languages.