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Journey's End The Truth About Life After Death

by Colm Keane
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About the Book
Journey’s End reveals how death is not an end but a new beginning. This groundbreaking book explains how our consciousness survives physical death and lives on in a hereafter of our own making.

What life will be like in this otherworld is outlined. The book also shows that we will meet again deceased relatives and beloved pets.

Based on 13 years of research, Colm Keane discovers the truth about heaven, purgatory, hell, God, Satan and reincarnation. He debunks myths such as fiery punishments and the concept of a grotesque devil.

Journey’s End draws from the latest scientific evidence, hundreds of near-death experiences and writings from the great mystics and scholars. It is a must-read for everyone interested in what happens after death.

About the Author
Colm Keane has published 30 books, including eight No.1 bestsellers, and an overall total of 19 Top Six bestsellers.