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It Takes a Village Raising Your Autistic Child

by Lhara Mullins
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We all have a picture in our heads of what life will be like as a parent. But what happens when it isn’t like that? This is the gut-wrenching reality for many parents of children diagnosed with, or awaiting a diagnosis of, autism.

In It Takes a Village, Lhara writes honestly and openly about her extensive experience as a parent of three amazing autistic children. Sheconsiders the practical difficulties and emotional challenges many parents of autistic children struggle with, and also shares some of the joys of life with a neurodiverse child, presenting a raw insight into her reality as a parent navigating the world of autism with her three children.

This book blends Lhara’s family’s experiences with expert research and literature, to offer realistic and practical ideas and solutions for helping your child and your family. More than anything, It Takes a Village offers reassurance that you’re not alone on your journey through autism as a parent.

Lhara shares her experiences of assessment and diagnosis, along with parenting her children through issues such as peer rejection in school, challenging behaviour and managing changes and transitions. She also offers her candid experiences of times when she felt she couldn’t cope, and discusses coping when you’re not coping.

It Takes a Village provides invaluable advice and support to the parents of autistic children, but will also prove useful to teachers, psychologists and all those working with autistic children. It offers hope on the darkest days to parents who are feeling overwhelmed, and celebrates the wonders of neurodiversity.

About Lhara Mullins
Lhara Mullins
is a parent of four children, three of whom are autistic. She also works as a lecturer in health promotion at NUI Galway and qualified as a social worker in 2012. She is passionate about supporting parents to support their children. Lhara’s lived experience as a parent, combined with her background in health promotion teaching and research, places her in a unique position from which to offer insight and guidance to other parents of autistic children.