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Into the Heart: 16-Part Study, 8 CD set

by Christopher West

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The 16-part, eight-hour course Into the Heart: A Journey Through the Theology of the Body. Into the Heart, which builds on An Introduction to the Theology of the Body, will take you deeper into this life-changing message, allowing you to apply and integrate it into every aspect of your life. Here, you will be given the tools you need to cultivate the sacramental vision that is so essential to experiencing an authentic human sexuality.

According to Christopher, The Theology of the Body provides a lens through which to observe the entire mystery of human life, therefore leaving no portion of our reality unaffected. In Into the Heart, Jesus takes us on a life-changing trip as we begin to transfer the rich teaching from our heads to our hearts, which is our most interior self where we are alone with ourselves and God. Take the transformative Into the Heart journey to find the mystical key that unlocks the holy door to intimate intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Along the road, you'll discover what saints and mystics have always known: a life of ecstasy and deep oneness with God is not only attainable, but also much closer than you think!

This CD set contains sixteen, half-hour sessions. Titles include:
- A Vision of Hope for the Heart
- Nuptial Union: A Call to Deep Intimacy with God
- The Heart: A Battlefield between Love and Lust
- The Ultimate Fulfillment of the Body
- Celibacy and Sexuality
- The Great Mystery of Marriage
- Singing the Song of the Body
and much more.