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How to be our Best Self with Sef-Care: A twenty-four hour manual

by Stuart Breen and Tom Gunning
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About the book:
‘This book is for any of us who recognise the importance of taking better care of ourselves but think we do not have the time to do so!’
Dr Claire Hayes, consultant clinical psychologist and author of Finding Hope in the Age of Anxiety

Self-care can mean many things but at its core it is about restoring or retaining balance in our lives, most importantly balance between rest and activity. Practising self-care every day keeps our minds and bodies healthy, boosting our immune systems and helping to prevent illness and burnout.
How to Be Our Best Self with Self-Care guides the reader through the process of self-care and provides the foundation on which to build a daily self-care routine by suggesting practical tips and easy exercises that can be incorporated into even the busiest day.

About the Authors:
Stuart Breen
is founder and lead facilitator with Huànyíng Holistics. He is a multimodality holistic facilitator. He is co-author of the ‘How to Be Our Best Self’ series.

Tom Gunning is a writer and teacher. He is the co-founder of the Parable Garden Education Project in Wexford. His books include the ‘How to Be Our Best Self’ series and Nature’s Way: A Guide to Green Therapy (2022).