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Going to God Together: Reflections Along the Way

by Brendan Leahy
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Throughout the world, we find traces of an insatiable thirst to bow down spiritually before the Mystery that surrounds life. We see it in a Buddhist temple and in a mosque; in a Passover celebration and a Hindu Diwali festival. A mysterious sense of the Absolute, the transcendent, urges us to reach out beyond all that is around us, excavate deep within us and, above all, make some form of declaration with the whole of our being that we want to be in harmony with God, with others, within ourselves.
Christians believe the Mystery has not remained nameless but has opened up to us in history and, above all, in the person of Jesus Christ. We see the face of God in Jesus, in whom we live and move and have our being. He is the Way who wants to be the Wayfarer among us.

Brendan Leahy offers reflections rooted in the Focolare's communitarian spirituality which stresses undertaking the Christian journey together and the mutual sharing of what happens when we try to put the words of the Gospel into daily practice. He also draws on insights of saints and spiritual writers from a variety of historical and cultural settings. These 'simple' reflections mirror discoveries that Leahy feels he needs to constantly re-discover in order to be most effective in building up the presence of Jesus among 'two or more' who are going to God together.