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God in Every Day

by Deirdre M.Powell
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This book encourages us to pay attention to what is happening in our own hearts and about how we can find God in the activities of our everyday lives. It sets out to aid the reader in their prayer life and help them to experience God in ordinary life by exploring usual and unusual images of God.

Some of the images are familiar, such as God as Parent and God as Shepherd, and some are less common. Images of God as Chef (where we find God in food), God as Artist (where we find God in art), and God as Gardener (where we find God in the garden) bring home to us how God is all around us and present in the everyday. Reflections with suitable scripture references are also provided

About the Author:
An experienced writer and editor, Deirdre M Powell has contributed to a variety of print and broadcast media including The St. Martin Magazine, Doctrine and Life, The Sacred Heart Messenger, The Pioneer, Ireland’s Eye and Irish Lives Remembered. She contributed to a "Thought for the Day" for CI.Net for six years. She holds a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and a Diploma in Theology. This is her first book.