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Everyday Evangelism for Catholics

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Everyday Evangelism for Catholics answers that all-important question for Catholics with little experience in evangelism: how do I get started? In Everyday Evangelism for Catholics, Cathy Duffy shares from her wealth of experiencing a natural and easy process that anyone can use to evangelize friends and family, including:
Why all Catholics should be involved in evangelism – it isn’t just for Protestants.
How to guide a conversation toward opportunities for evangelism.
How to ask the right questions to find out where a person is on their spiritual journey.
How to be prepared to respond to the key concerns that are likely to arise in different situations.
What a worldview is and why it matters.
How to recognize underlying worldview assumptions that shape a person’s beliefs.
How to present the Catholic faith to a Protestant who is already familiar with the Bible.
How to actively listen so you can learn what people truly think and feel.
How to pray for others and track prayers with a journal.
How and why to pray with others on the spot.
Since evangelism isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, Duffy helps sort out what is likely to work best in different situations. She advocates a relational approach rather than the ability to win apologetic arguments. Anyone who loves their faith, loves others, and is willing to invest prayer and time can do this.