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Discovering Jesus in the Other

by Alan Abernethy and Jim Deeds
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About the Book:
This is a work of collaboration between retired Church of Ireland bishop, Alan, and Catholic pastoral worker, Jim, both of whom lived through the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the aftermath of that time. Challenged and enriched by each other’s life story, the authors discovered the value of understanding our history from the perspective of someone on the ‘other side’ of the community. Rather than demonising ‘the other’, they have been inspired to discover Jesus in the other.
In eight chapters, Alan and Jim recount their experiences at different stages of their lives and faith journeys in the context of the Troubles and a divided community. They remember the gentle nudges of the Spirit as they moved from their own sectarian backgrounds to a growing awareness of the oneness of all people. At the end of each chapter Alan and Jim offer reflection questions that can be used individually or collectively in parish or community groups, as well as scripture passages for meditation and reflection.

About the Authors:
Alan Abernethy
was born and grew up in Belfast. His faith was shaped by the violence of that city. He is a husband, father and grandfather. He was ordained in the Church of Ireland and was bishop of Connor from 2007 until 2019. He is passionate about discipleship, spirituality and living in unity with other disciples.

Jim Deeds is a husband and father living in the wounded and wonderful city of Belfast. He works as an author, poet, retreat-giver and facilitator across the island of Ireland. His passion is for people to come to know the love of God – love that was made incarnate in Jesus and continues to be made incarnate in all creation.