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Courage to Teach, 3rd edition, hardback

by Parker J. Palmer
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Wisdom that's been inspiring, motivating, and guiding teachers for two decadesThe Courage to Teach speaks to the joys and pains that teachers of every sort know well. Over the last 20 years, the book has helped countless educators reignite their passion, redirect their practice, and deal with the many pressures that accompany their vital work.

Enriched by a new Foreword from Diana Chapman Walsh, the book builds on a simple premise: good teaching can never be reduced to technique. Good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher, that core of self where intellect, emotion, and spirit converge--enabling 'live encounters' between teachers, students, and subjects that are the key to deep and lasting learning.

Good teachers love learners, learning, and the teaching life in a way that builds trust with students and colleagues, animates their daily practice, and keeps them coming back tomorrow.
Reclaim your own vision and purpose against the threat of burn-out
Understand why good teaching cannot be reduced to technique alone
Explore and practice the relational traits that good teachers have in common
Learn how to forge learning connections with your students and "teach across the gap"
Whether used for personal study, book club exploration, or professional development, TheCourage to Teach is rich with time-honored wisdom, and contemporary clarity about the ancient arts of teaching and learning.